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Learn more about our diverse team of product experts, our founders’ story, and what it’s like to work here (hint - it’s awesome).

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Our team

We’re a team of expert product managers backed by seasoned leaders with decades of experience building innovative digital products in top tech markets. We are women-founded, growth-focused, and results-oriented.

Our story

A photo of Jessica and Heather, co-founders of The Product Consult.

Hi, we're Heather & Jess, co-founders of The Product Consult!

We first met while working at a mid-sized start-up in LA back in 2008 and instantly connected. We worked seamlessly together and built some very successful teams and products together in the years that followed. We also became good friends and did some cool stuff together, like jumping out of a plane and hanging out with turtles in Costa Rica.

Since then, we’ve both had diverse experiences and successful careers in product management. We also saw and experienced the challenges organizations of all sizes and stages faced trying to get product right. And we saw the toll it took on product managers.

Some companies were small or not tech-focused, so they didn't understand the role a product manager should play. Others were too big, with too much bureaucracy, and didn't foster an environment where product management was truly empowered. Many had great product leaders, but poor company cultures where work-life balance was lacking and burnout was common. Low morale, high turnover, knowledge gaps, inefficiency, and high costs were just a few of the things we observed.

We recognized these themes and challenges and saw shifting priorities across the workforce. So, we took our combined knowledge and experience and developed a way to help solve common product management problems. We created a more flexible way for companies to get the expertise and relief they need, quickly and for as long as they need it, without the time and costs associated with in-house hiring. 

We also wanted to help PM’s find a better, more balanced, and exciting way to work. Thus, The Product Consult was born. We might be biased, but we think we’re really on to something big here. 

Life at TPC

We do product differently (and better).  We provide a collaborative & supportive environment for product managers of all experience levels to do their best work, for a variety of clients, all while enjoying ourselves and being less stressed.

Flexible schedules & hours
Network of partners & resources
Best-in-class tools & templates
Team collaboration & support
100% remote work
Seasoned internal product leadership
Variety of clients, industries & products
Wonderful team of humans (seriously!)



Diverse team with a combined 16 decades of product experience.



Every team member would refer TPC as a great place to work.



Located across 7 states, providing frequent Zoom input.

A combination team picture of Heather, Lisa, Jessica, Nishi, Kara and Stacy on The Product Consult team.

Our core values


We are committed to success

We are results-oriented and data-driven. We operate in a proactive, intentional, and driven way. We deliver exceptional client support and service.


We are continuously improving

We are committed to self-awareness, honest feedback, and ongoing growth. We mentor and support our people and their goals. We stay current on the latest tools, methodologies, and trends in our industry.


We act with integrity

We are transparent and trustworthy. We operate honestly at all times, even when it’s hard. We are professional and hold each other to the highest ethical standards.


We enjoy ourselves

We foster a happy and supportive environment. We bring positivity and seek solutions to challenges. We strive to provide opportunities that are interesting and rewarding.


We are collaborative

We exhibit a decisive, problem-solving mindset. We leverage strong teamwork and learn from each other. We value and trust each other.

What our team thinks

"TPC allows me to do the work I love with the flexibility I want. The model has been flipped on its head - great product people CAN be super effective for clients in short term engagements, building the next great release or defining a client's product strategy and roadmap. I've had a long career, and never worked with this caliber of talent. We're all rock-stars and the caring, supportive environment lifts us up and makes us better"

- Jeremy Loeb

“Consulting through TPC gives me the flexibility of freelance with the security and camaraderie of a larger team. I'm grateful for the path it's given me back to the product management career I love, while maintaining the freedom to prioritize time away with my family when the need arises. I also appreciate that these engagements are structured so I can make huge contributions to a company in part time hours.”

- Emily Esch

“Working with everyone at TPC has been such a great fit for me. Since joining their team, I've gotten the opportunity to do game changing work with amazing startups while also coaching and collaborating with other PMs. I wasn’t quite sure how impactful my role could be in a consulting capacity, but it turns out, when you approach it as intentionally as the TPC team does, it can move mountains.”

- Nishi Patel

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