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Learn more about our diverse team of product experts, our founders’ story, and what it’s like to work here (hint - it’s awesome).

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Life at TPC

We do product differently (and better).  We provide a collaborative & supportive environment for product managers of all experience levels to do their best work, for a variety of clients, all while enjoying ourselves and being less stressed.

Flexible schedules & hours
Network of partners & resources
Best-in-class tools & templates
Team collaboration & support
100% remote work
Seasoned internal product leadership
Variety of clients, industries & products
Wonderful team of humans (seriously!)

Our core values


We are committed to success

We are results-oriented and data-driven. We operate in a proactive, intentional, and driven way. We deliver exceptional client support and service.


We are continuously improving

We are committed to self-awareness, honest feedback, and ongoing growth. We mentor and support our people and their goals. We stay current on the latest tools, methodologies, and trends in our industry.


We act with integrity

We are transparent and trustworthy. We operate honestly at all times, even when it’s hard. We are professional and hold each other to the highest ethical standards.


We enjoy ourselves

We foster a happy and supportive environment. We bring positivity and seek solutions to challenges. We strive to provide opportunities that are interesting and rewarding.


We are collaborative

We exhibit a decisive, problem-solving mindset. We leverage strong teamwork and learn from each other. We value and trust each other.

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