Headshot photo of William Elliott

William Elliott


Senior Product Consultant

Will has been in product roles his entire career, starting in consulting for Fortune 500 companies and most recently leading the strategy and execution of the scheduling feature area of Mindbody. He has collaborated with a broad range of companies in the e-learning, marketing, wellness, and Software as a Service (SaaS) spaces.Bringing empathy and curiosity to customer discovery, detailed analysis of product insights, and enthusiasm for teamwork helps Will deliver solutions that delight customers. He believes that understanding customer pain points and opportunities is crucial to building a great product and that effective communication of goals between stakeholders is the best way to achieve organizational objectives.

Will is focused on optimizing digital product teams for our clients so that they can build better products and accelerate revenue growth. He’s worked in a consulting capacity previously, giving him a unique toolset that enables accelerated onboarding and immersion in each new project he takes on.He currently lives with his wife and cat in Ferndale, Michigan. When he’s not working, he enjoys camping, cooking, reading, playing tennis, and exploring Detroit.

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