Headshot of Talia Marino

Talia Marino


Executive Product Consultant

Talia is an accomplished executive product leader known for driving growth and innovation in the enterprise, B2B SaaS space, as well as experience building 0 to 1 products. With a strategic mindset and deep product management expertise, Talia has successfully developed and executed product strategies aligned with market trends and customer needs across several industries, most notably in FinTech and Entertainment. She excels at fostering cross-functional collaboration, influencing stakeholders, and navigating complex organizational landscapes. She is also well-versed in building and mentoring high-performing teams, fostering a culture of creativity and always driving continuous improvement. Passionate about driving customer-centric innovation, Talia has a keen eye for identifying market opportunities and translating them into actionable product roadmaps. She has a strong focus on delivering exceptional user experiences and leveraging data-driven insights to inform product decisions. In her free time, you will find her traveling the world, wine or champagne tasting, scuba diving, and tinkering with the latest AI tools.

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