Headshot of Heather Inocencio.

Heather Inocencio


Chief Executive Officer


Heather is a product management veteran with 30+ years of experience successfully leading digital products at companies of all stages from Fortune 500 to scrappy startups. She has been an active participant in the evolution of the product management discipline, building and managing teams across many industries from retail to Fintech with a heavy emphasis on consumer experience. Among Heather’s many accomplishments, her work was pivotal in the development of HauteLook and the company’s subsequent $180 million sale to Nordstrom, and The RealReal, having raised $300M before the IPO at a $1.7B valuation.

With a keen eye toward assessing a company’s strengths and weaknesses, Heather is able to strategically plan, execute, measure, and iterate on business decisions so that companies of all sizes can scale quickly and efficiently. As a natural coach and mentor, she helps elevate existing teams and bring in necessary support so that companies can level up and reach their business goals.

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