Coterie Baby


January 2022

Team Optimization & CPO Support

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Coterie Baby creates smart, sustainable, innovative products,  starting with high-performing diapers and wipes. Their diaper outperforms all others on the market (according to every metric that matters to babies and parents). The vast majority of their sales come via E-Commerce.

  • $34 million in total funding
  • Omnichannel: e-commerce subscription and retail
  • Eco-friendly and chemical-free


In January 2022, Coterie Baby had a fantastic product, a proven business strategy, and a roadmap full of opportunities. It was time to establish and quickly grow their product development practice. Their founder, Frank Yu, reached out to The Product Consult for help. Fast forward to Q4, and Coterie’s digital product development org is healthy, growing and continuously delivering valuable results. During our partnership, new orders have increased by 94%, new user adoption is up 25%, and returning users have increased 65%, all in 10 short months.


After 2 years of extensive R&D, Coterie and their team knew how to make the best diapers on the market. But they didn't know as much about how to build the technology that powers those products' sales, marketing, and support. The nuances of digital product & technology are complex, and Coterie needed seasoned product leadership & support as they looked to stabilize, grow and scale.


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We immersed quickly, assessed opportunities for optimization, and provided a set of strategic and tactical recommendations to improve efficiency, transparency, and delivery. We created a cohesive digital product strategy and tailored operating cadence for the team to achieve their goals. Over the following months, we partnered with Coterie to establish and grow a best-in-class digital product org that delivers consistent value and will support Coterie’s continued growth.We also established best practice processes to enable efficient intake & prioritization of new work, created transparent communication channels, and brought on a full-stack development team to help execute the roadmap. We managed and launched Coterie’s newest product, The Pant, as well as their proprietary diaper-sizing quiz. The product development org has grown from 2 to 14 in 10 months, with additional key hires in-progress. Being embedded in the company for several months gave us detailed knowledge of Coterie’s hiring needs and culture, enabling us to hire their first in-house Product Manager and partner with them to build their long-term product team.

  • Grew product development org from 2 to 14
  • Launched newest product - The Wipe (updated) and The Pant
  • Partnered to hire their in-house product team and seamlessly transition ongoing ownership to them

"Within the first 60 days, they had created a cohesive, comprehensive product roadmap, implemented regular alignment and prioritization reviews, worked cross-functionally to deliver a significant website launch and added additional team members to support our company strategy & goals."
- Frank Yu, CEO @ Coterie

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