Headshot of Stacy Taylor.

Stacy Taylor


Senior Product Consultant

Stacy is a product manager with over 15 years of experience in Healthcare and SaaS. She specializes in navigating the path from early startup through profitability and onward towards truly scalable solutions and teams. She has held roles in product management, client success, UX writing, sales, project management, quality assurance, and Agile methodologies. During her time at ProviderTrust, she shepherded their flagship product from $50K MRR to over $880K MRR creating software solutions in partnership with healthcare giants such as Community Health Systems, Kindred Healthcare, and Centene Corporation.

Stacy thrives in fast-paced environments and can seamlessly pivot from high-level strategic operations down to front-line implementation. She is passionate about aligning the delivery organization to the company vision so team members are empowered to creatively engage in collaborative solutions. When she’s not building exceptional product experiences, she enjoys adventure travel as well as winding down the day with her dog and a good book.

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