Headshot of Jeremy Loeb.

Jeremy Loeb


Senior Product Consultant

Jeremy has spent most of his career in product. He has worked from the tiniest startup to large public companies, and has always had a passion for building software and website applications that have well thought out UI and look beautiful. He loves to create functional requirements that define large and small products, and specializes in working closely with visual designers and engineers to bring those products to life. Jeremy is great at ramping up quickly at any company, and easily collaborates with the various teams and stakeholders at any company he works with.

Jeremy has built products for Netscape, AOL, Ulta Cosmetics, D&B Credibility, and many other companies large and small. He thinks the user experience should always come first, and designs/builds products with that in mind. He loves the sand and the sun, and can be found in Venice Beach with his dog, Kacey.

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